Phase 1: Summit announcement // Invitation


Do you cherish the heartland? 
Are you one of its great thinkers and innovators?
Can the heartland’s future be improved?

The Heartland Summit issues a call to its invitees to join in a weekend of conversation, learning, and thought. A celebration of what makes the Heartland great and a gathering of leaders to discuss encouraging development, innovation and support for the beating heart of America.


This film has three goals. The first is to announce the summit both as an event and as an idea: that the heart of America can be strengthened. The second is to share the energy and momentum that exists at the summit and to communicate the electricity of everyone coming together in Bentonville. Third, in addition to sharing the mission and structure of the summit, this film should inspire the viewers to believe in the mission and feel compelled to participate.

To accomplish these goals, this film will build off the footage captured by our team last year. We believe that with the footage captured for the inaugural announcement, mini doc series, and the summit itself, we can build a kickoff film that achieves that “wow” factor our audience needs to be inspired by this event.


  • Summit Announcement/Invitation film (2 to 4 minutes) - B-Roll + Voiceover + Graphics



Based on last year’s production experience, we believe that the focus of this film’s imagery is inclusivity. In addition to the footage of Bentonville and the summit, we want to include as many different versions of the heartland as possible and, most-importantly, a diversity of people representing both the residents of the heartland and the important thinkers, entrepreneurs, and participants in the summit. 

Since we are constructing this piece from existing footage, if we find that there are groups underrepresented, we will either source stock footage to fill that specific need or supplement with a narrowly focused and specific shoot on our end.


  • 2 weeks of Post-Production across multiple deliverables

  • 4 days of graphics

  • Audio recording session + Vocal talent for VO

  • Music purchase/composition

Estimated Costs = $15k



The documentary film series is an opportunity to focus on the interconnected efforts happening within The Heartland’s cities. It’s a chance to stop using broad language and to share specific stories and highlight specific efforts. To build on last year’s films, we’d like to focus our efforts in two major ways: 


The first is to spend more time on the ground in each city, and ideally more time with the folks we interview, specifically as an addition to the interview, not as an extended interview. This additional time will allow us to flesh out stronger stories and capture more examples of the work being done, in order to better illustrate the ideas and initiatives that are shared in the interviews.

The second major focus would be developing a narrative around how the different interviewees in a city are working together or how their efforts are complementing one another, if they aren’t directly collaborating. We see this as allowing the films to provide both more clarity for the viewers about the work being done and also providing more fertile ground for the conversations that arise out of viewing the videos.   

Through spending extra time with our subjects and looking for relationships and overlap, we’ll be allowed better opportunities for story-finding and narrative development. We think this will produce even greater, more compelling content.

 We’d like to highlight our largest deviation from last year’s films and process:  

In order to create a more integrated and heavily produced documentary series, we’d like to assume a larger role in the pre-production of these films. This would include, but not be limited to, researching potential candidates, handling contact regarding interviews, establishing important b-roll opportunities, negotiating access, etc. We feel that, having participated in the development of the event last year, we understand the goals and message of the summit well enough that we can shoulder more of that burden. This will allow for us to negotiate and plan our filming days to a degree where we feel we can significantly increase the volume and the quality of the content.


  • 3 Films for projection at the Summit - (4 to 7 minutes each) - Interviews, Original B-roll, Graphics


In addition to the interviews and the accompanying city b-roll, we’d like to get more active imagery of the work our interviewees are doing. This ties back to our desire to be more deeply involved in pre-production. Our goal will be to coordinate our efforts around major meetings, initiatives, events, etc. Ideally, if we can get supplementary footage of our interviewees directly participating, that would be a huge boon to the films. However, if we can at least get footage of a few major happenings, that will greatly increase the impact of the discussion.


We’d also like to use imagery to explore the idea of interconnectivity within these city documentaries. How the efforts of one person influence the efforts of another. Stylistically we believe that will manifest in fast, kinetic sequences that seemingly ‘zoom’ the viewer from one interview to another, one event to another, etc. Ideally, we would be able to have each video culminate in a sequence that affirms the idea of interconnectivity and in some abstract way pulls out to reveal the web of people working to better their city.


  • 3 weeks of Pre-Production / Story Finding

  • 3 - 4 person crew for Three (3) 5-to-6-day shoots

  • 4 weeks of Post-Production across multiple deliverables

  • 2 days of graphics (assuming similar graphics across all films)

  • 8 days of Audio Mix (deliverables for both Live presentation + video streaming)

  • Music purchase/composition (multiple)

Estimated Costs = $115k 



We were so thrilled to have the Anthem Video play at the top of the event last year, that we want to up the ante on this portion of the project. Without adding any additional shoot days or production, we’d like to take the time to script and develop this particular film with the intention of opening the summit. From our end, this is where we think we can bring the most emotion to the overall project. We believe that the opening of the summit, with everyone gathered in the same space, is an opportunity to remind the participants that there is a need for this work, and then celebrate them by reminding them that they are here to do it.


We would build any additional filming for this video into our existing production days for the Doc Series.

We intend to ideate this with input from The Heartland Summit team, but our initial concept is to incorporate portraits of young people in front of landmarks in this year’s documentary cities and include their voices describing the future that they want for the heartland. This will be paired with soundbites from the documentary series as well cinematic b-roll of our cities and The Heartland. Woven together, it will be a reminder that this work matters, that it affects lives and communities and most importantly, it affects the people who will be living in the future that we’re building.


  • Summit Opening Film [Anthem] (2 to 4 minutes) - Interviews + Portraits + B-Roll + Graphics

Oxford - Selects.01_02_56_20.Still003.jpg


  • No additional Shoot Days

  • 1 week of Post-Production

  • 1 day of Graphics

  • 1 days of Audio Mix

  • Music purchase/composition (multiple)

Estimated Costs = $10k

Phase 4: The Heartland Summit - Event


An expansive event that includes talks, panels, food, music and outdoor activities - The Recap Team will be there to capture the beauty of Bentonville and everything that The Heartland Summit has to offer. Our two big takeaways from last year are:

  • We need to staff one additional videographer, in order to cover every event occurring throughout the day.

  • We need to increase engagement with regard to interviews. 


The goal of our recap team is to capture the summit as beautifully as possible. Their job is to not only capture the energy of the weekend, but to showcase the event, the design, and all the heart that went into it.

The interview team will be capturing the voices, ideas and stories of participants; both speakers and attendees. To increase engagement we have two possible tactics: 

The first is to create a roving interview tent. This would be a freestanding structure that we would erect in two or three locations, throughout each day, with signage encouraging folks to come in and share with us. This method would allow us to have the most possible control over look and style, as well as help maintain consistent quality across the many interviews. 

The second potential option would be to have these designated crew members operate as a ‘man-on-the-street’ style interview team, which would directly approach guests between events, during social hours, and at other times deemed appropriate by the Heartland Summit team. This method would likely allow for the most faces captured over the course of the event, but will leave the team with less control over external quality issues, and likely will lead to shorter answers.

Ideally, for either method, this team would retain the support of a Heartland team member that is familiar with the work of the majority of the high profile guests, so as to be able to be direct and inviting with our VIPs. However, the ‘man-on-the-street’ style interview team would absolutely require a knowledgeable and informed team member, as that would be integral to that style of more aggressive engagement.

Summit - Long - FINAL.00_03_57_22.Still018.jpg


  • Official Summit recap film - (3 to 5 minutes) - B-Roll, Interview, and Graphics

  • Content string outs: B-Roll Selects organized by day (no color correction), Interview string-outs of participants (minimal editing), Interview string-outs of VIPs (minimal editing)


Imagery will, again, lend itself to the cinematic, with an energetic up-tempo pace to showcase the strong, positive energy surrounding the Summit and its attendees. We will lean on a combination of kinetic, handheld imagery and fluid, stabilized camera movement to evoke a feeling of “moving through” the various facets of the Summit as though the viewer were in attendance live and in-person. The edit will be a "sizzle" style, with an overall quick pace however, we will build in some energetic peaks and valleys to showcase beautiful imagery and maximize viewer engagement.

Summit - Long - FINAL.00_03_12_10.Still011.jpg


  • 6 camera, 1 audio, 1 swing - crew for 3-day shoot in Bentonville

  • 2 weeks of Post-Production across multiple deliverables

  • 2 days of graphics

  • 3 days of Audio Mix

  • Music purchase/composition

Estimated Costs = $60k

Style Guide

Total Cost Estimate

Total cost estimate for the entire scope of The Heartland Summit Project = $200k*
*This reflects a 20% reduction in overall cost when compared to last year’s project scope.

Who We Are


Drew English is a Director and Cinematographer based in New York City who's work has appeared on national commercial campaigns, Netflix, and several national film festivals. His Clients include Bloomberg Philanthropies, Facebook, NY Magazine, Tiffany & Condé Nast, to name a few. His recent projects include work for the Netflix Original Series, "Dirty Money" as well as national ad campaigns for clothing brands Puma and UntuckIt. In addition, Drew is the founder and executive producer of Lights & Years, a bi-coastal production collective that operates in the commercial and branded content space, as well as developing and producing narrative and music video projects.


James Matthew Daniel is a director, cinematographer, and editor. Working for both stage and screen, recent projects include: Director of Michael Hersch’s Carrion Miles to Purgatory and On the Threshold of Winter at the Peabody Institute and the Blair School of Music, director of Romance of a Lifetime at the Park Avenue Armory,  Director of Photography for Kevin Newbury’s Epiphany V and STAG (winners of numerous festival laurels), and editor for Season One of Peeta Planet for Dubai One TV.  James' editing has served commercial clients like Samsung and TX Whiskey, and his photography has been featured numerous times in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. James is a member of the GLMMR arts collective and works frequently with Lights & Years, the incredible duo at Navigate, and the brilliant educators at The Story Pirates. 


Amy Stein is a graphic designer specializing in Branding, Illustration and Visual Content as well as UI/UX, Mobile and Print Design. Living and working in New York City for many years has afforded her the opportunity to wear multiple hats within the design community. Her client list is as diverse as her portfolio and includes Bloomberg, Atlantic Records & Southwestern Publishing.